I successfully build financial paths, for individuals and companies, on their way to prosperity.

An investment in knowledge pays the best interest.

Benjamin Franklin

Mihai Constantinescu

Educat si Bogat is the place where your financial journey starts and shapes your way to success

Educated and Wealthy is the place where your financial journey starts and changes shapes on its way to success

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Financial education is not a destination, it is the road of all of us, a road under permanent construction.

Individual or company, your path to financial success can be smoother or more difficult but always rebalanced wisely, with the help of a financial coach.

Preserve the joy of the traveler who has an established financial destination but is also ready for any challenges he can find on the way!

Financial education
sesiune coaching

Financial coaching is making its way into your life helping you to achieve success and wealth. It doesn’t come only in values, but also in great balance.

I like to believe that on this journey we can embark together towards the destination of your financial success and wealth, which comes from efficient saving with a beautiful path, from timely and wisely chosen investments and budgeting in all aspects and stages of life.

I can help you achieve your financial goals, in a personalized way.

How can I be there for you?

1:1 financial coaching sessions

1:1 coaching guides people through a complete financial fulfillment process.

Any road, no matter how difficult, becomes easier to travel on with a financial coach nearby. We’ll work together to create a personalized plan for your finances, whether the focus is budgeting, saving, or investing.

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Financial education in your company

Organizational health comes with proper financial education.

70% of employees say they would be open to receiving personal financial support at work from a financial professional.
As an employer, you have the opportunity to assist your people/employees with access to financial planning and coaching tools.
Cultivating a more financially resilient workforce can help increase productivity and engagement and decrease absenteeism.

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Financial Wellbeing Program

Your financial education is an investment, not an expense.

I recommend you a package of 5 sessions in which we analyze the current situation, establish the financial objectives that best suit you, and make a medium and long-term plan to achieve them.
Accessing a financial coach gives you a competitive advantage by leveraging your time with specialized financial expertise that cuts through the clutter, confusion, and conflicting information, teaching you only what’s relevant, effective, and with a minimum of hassle.

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Meet me for Money and Wine!

Money and Wine is a unique concept in Romania that brings financial solutions right to your home, either live or online.

You may have heard of Hygge, a concept of well-being where decisions are made more easily and thoughts rest among the things that make you feel good. Over the course of new or older wine, we discuss up-to-date financial solutions for each one of you.

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