I am Mihai Constantinescu

I’m a financial coach, investor, and entrepreneur, and I’m here to be your Guide … through your financial journey.

There’s always some magic when we speak about personalized savings strategy, in every small action alongside investments that can lead to a successful financial destination.

My experience and my financial journey…was and still is a road under construction!

My journey began in a family of intellectuals with modest incomes, with a financial education, like all Romanian families of those times.

However, in my family, both from my grandparents and my parents, the notion of saving was quickly transmitted, which had become a monthly habit regardless of how the income or expenses fluctuated each month.

I remember with nostalgia how my mother used to keep track not only of all expenses and monthly budgeting but also the savings. All in a calendar she kept at the site, in the kitchen.

Even now in most of the situations, simple tracking of the money does not fail, especially at the beginning of financial education 🙂

Do you remember the small cash gifts that grandparents used to give their grandchildren on birthdays or several other holidays? It was common in my family too. Being children, neither I nor my sister realized where those amounts come from. It was all about saving wisely.

From saving as a family rule to the small “entrepreneur”

Pocket money was never enough for the needs of a growing teenager discovering the world. The idea of trying to get additional income came from this teenage need. Among the “entrepreneurial” activities “supported” by the purchase of a DVD writer was the duplicating of games and various programs that were later sold to colleagues.

Winter entrepreneurial activities 🙂 consist of buying firecrackers and fireworks wholesale and then reselling them in our school, to the exasperation of the teachers.

Through mistakes, we rebuild our financial optics

In 2008, I made the first investment mistake, giving the advance for a 2-room apartment, which only had the building foundation built, somewhere outside Chiajna. In those times only sheep grazed there, without paved roads. The apartment was ready almost 3 years later, being resold with financial losses back in 2018. All this, after being rented out for most of the time.

What did I learn very quickly from it all? It was clear to me from this experience and from all other, that future purchases need to be chosen more carefully and after much more financial study and analysis.

The lucky 3 in my story – The 3rd Year of College

The 3rd year of college came for me with my employment in one of the most important Banks in Romania, changing during the 7 years, 5 jobs in 3 departments, the last department being Private Banking – that department of the bank that deals with managing the assets of very rich clients.

At that time (2009 – 2011) it was the most important Private Banking department of a bank in Romania and the interaction with the clients of this department was clearly revealing. Both for the man and the financial specialist Mihai Constantinescu.

I felt that I found myself in this field and tried to learn as much as I could from each client. At the same time, I was taking with me some of the most interesting personal and financial experiences.

2010 – more than a book, the impact of “Rich Dad, Poor Dad”

I end up discovering more and more the area of investments being impacted in 2010 by a book offered as a gift. The name? “Rich Dad, Poor Dad” by Robert Kiyosaki. Yes, a book brought a heightened interest in my personal finance development.

In 2010, I also started to invest in the Romanian capital market and also in mutual funds. I thought, like any investor at the beginning of the journey, that I could get high returns, without much analysis and with many transactions, investing “by ear” for 3 years, until 2013. After 3 “intense” years, I analyzed the investments and I came to the conclusion that the return I got with a lot of work was much lower than the market returns. That was the moment when I understood that investments should always be made in a DISCIPLINED way and that every investment must be ANALYZED carefully.

Mihai Constantinescu, Coaching financiar 1:1

What did I learn? Better control, smarter financial decisions

I understood the importance of financial education by reading just about every personal finance book I could find. Looking back, my investment strategies have changed dramatically over the past 10 years and my net worth has grown considerably.

What did I do differently to make my wealth grow?

I had better control of my emotions when investing
I increased my level of theoretical and practical knowledge
I set myself clear financial goals, both in the short, medium, and long term
I applied clear improved discipline reflected in all my financial decisions

Why me? Why a financial coach?

Because I have learned through my own experience over 14 years that it is better to start your financial journey as early as possible (regardless of whether we are talking about budgeting or major investments), but the essential thing is to START.

Because starting at the right time, with the right help … financially tailored to you, and learning from mistakes quickly can make all the difference in long term results.

clients benefited from financial education training
 clients in financial coaching sessions 1:1
years of relevant capital market experience
years as an investor in most of the financial instruments available on the Romanian market

Being a financial coach, and speaker but also an authorized trainer, the interaction with over 5,000 people in trainings and the hundreds of presentations and individual sessions with clients from beginner investors to some very experienced ones, people with small initial budgets, but also very rich clients it brought me enough experience to understand the needs of each Romanian.

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