Rebalance your budget after the holidays – Autumn financial tips

Returning from holidays, starting school, and back to the office come together, with a new dynamic and with pressure on the budget for each family. To rebalance your budget after the holidays can be a real challenge.

Not to mention that by magic in 3 months we have a new ‘’joy for our finances’’: the Winter Holidays! They come with the need for gifts and winter tires. Until then we can apply some tips and tricks with maximum impact.

the budget after the holidays

How do we practically rebalance the budget after the holidays? Planning, budgeting, comparing prices and offers, and making more sustainable decisions! Take the kids with you and let’s save, with the help of some autumn financial tips.

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What are we looking at?

Energy costs

Winter is just around the corner, and before you know it, you’ll need facilities that involve electricity. One way to reduce future energy costs is to check if you are currently paying more than you should.

Most suppliers tend to increase their prices during winter (when demand is high). Now is the time to double-check, compare and switch to more cost-effective alternatives.

Autumn cleaning of the closet-Declutter!

The autumn cleaning of the closet (the famous decluttering in English) does not seem like a matter with great financial implications at first glance, but it is so important, especially since we immediately get out of the vicious circle of impulsive (or compulsive) buying. If you’re feeling a little guilty about overspending in these times – with inflation skyrocketing – and you’re surrounded by items you no longer need, don’t worry, you’re not alone.

According to research, up to 77% of consumers worldwide have spent more during this pandemic on home and garden items. Post-pandemic on clothes, perfumes, and other items that bring immediate pleasure were higher. For some people, buying new items, trying new hobbies, and learning new skills become a way to cope with boredom or sometimes everyday stress.

If some purchases/items just clutter up the house, you have never or rarely used them, and stole your budget, you can sell them on various sites and directly transfer the money to the savings area.

Remember the latte factor? Well, small, seemingly trivial savings decisions can make a big difference in a post-holiday budget.

Smart holiday shopping… begins in the fall?

It doesn’t look like the buyer’s Romanian style. We are somehow programmed as runners for the last hundred meters at the expense together with Polish, and Bulgarians. Etc. How about doing something different this year? Whether it’s a new piece of jewelry or gadget, a newly released toy for kids, or even a hard-to-find book, take advantage of the still-on-fall sales or simply buy gifts gradually, monthly, little by little.

Holidays don’t have to be boring. Instead of cutting back on spending and denying yourself all the fun, you can do a little planning ahead and be smart with your spending.

Watch out for autumn celebrations, festivals and the famous imported Halloween! From new costumes to the impulse to say “Come on, it’s just once a year”, all emotional decisions lead you to a hole in the budget.

Travel arrangements for the holiday season

If you’re sure you’ll be traveling in late fall or winter, now is the time to make travel arrangements.

Plane and train tickets become more expensive the closer you book to your departure date. Trains also get busy and overcrowded during the winter holidays, so booking ahead can help immensely. The same goes for accommodation.

Your drinks – even to GO?

Still not convinced that we are talking about saving when starting with actions? Life is stressful and some of us rely too much on the power of coffee to get us through the day, and even more on colder days in autumn. Buying an occasional latte on the way to work is a pleasure (although it seems Romanians are crazy about espresso), but making it a routine is an expensive and unsustainable habit.

That’s why it’s better to make your own coffee. Take a thermos with you instead of buying it every time at your favorite coffee shop.

House maintenance

As the weather gets colder, and the days get shorter, you spend more time at home. Using this time to modify, declutter, redecorate the space, and make it cozy for winter is a great idea that will save you a lot of time, money, and energy later.

Autumn savings

All of the above can lead to possible savings even in the fall, although the main goal is a recovery of the budget after the holidays. Money continues to work for you during the holidays if you have invested it wisely. If you haven’t done so yet, you always have the opportunity to start a new page of your financial life.

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