Money & Wine sessions

Money and Wine – a unique concept in Romania that brings financial solutions right to your home, either live or online. You may have heard of Hygge, a concept of well-being where decisions are made more easily and thoughts rest a little bit more among the things that make you feel good.

Întâlniri la money & wine

Start a successful financial journey from the comfort of your home!

If you prefer your living room for financial discussions instead of a chair in a training room or behind a screen, I will come to your home for any advice you need. Bring the wine, and I bring the financial solutions with me.

Open the door to your home for 5-10 friends or family members. I come to your home (live or online) to discuss everything that bothers or concerns you financially.

What questions can I answer as you open the wine?

What do we do with money in troubled times?
How do we start saving?
How do we start investing?
How do we prepare, ahead of time, for the retirement period?
How do we prepare financially, ahead of time, for children’s education?
How do we set and meet short, medium, and long-term financial goals?
What are the financial instruments available on the Romanian market that we can use to achieve our financial goals?
Many other topics related to the above.

Directly to your living room! About saving, budgeting in times of crisis, financial instruments that you may not have considered until now, and everything you can imagine about money, through the lens of my 14 years of experience.

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