Complete Financial Wellbeing Program

They keep talking about financial well-being and the journey toward achieving it, which is not a short one. When it comes to finances, with good planning, and with the help of the right coach, your well-being becomes a possible element of financial security

What is financial well-being?

It’s about successfully managing our financial lives to increase our sense of security and reduce financial stress.

Why is financial well-being such an important part of general well-being?

Because well-being means balance, in all aspects of life including finances.

What does it mean to achieve financial well-being?

Among other things, it can mean…

You can absorb a shock to your finances, such as an unexpected event
You are in control of your daily and monthly finances
You can meet your set financial goals
Your finances allow you to make choices that make you enjoy life in all aspects

If you have a high level of financial well-being, you manage your finances well and spend money wisely.

There is no magic amount of money that you need to have to achieve financial well-being. It looks different for everyone and is decided based on everyone’s definition of what they perceive to be financial success or well-being.

When looking at financial well-being, it’s not enough to consider just your income or savings, but rather the whole financial picture. For example, you may have a good salary, but piles of accumulated debt that are difficult to pay off.

How long is the program and where does it take place?

Solutions and answers adapted to your objectives, in 5 online sessions, of 50 minutes each, from a financial coach with over 10 years of experience in the field and over 100 sessions on the ATLAS platform with relevant reviews, just good to see before.

What will you get at the end of the complete Financial well-being program?

Among the answers and solutions:

A clear definition of financial objectives
An analysis of the current financial situation
A monthly monitoring tool for net worth evolution
Complete information about financial instruments that can be used to achieve financial goals
The risks that can be covered by insurance and what insurance needs you to have
How do you prepare in advance for your children’s education?
How do you prepare for a peaceful retirement?
How do you repay loans in advance?
How do you start investing to achieve your financial goals?
Completing an Investment Policy Statement (Personalized Investment Plan) that will provide you with a medium and long-term plan for achieving your financial goals.

What are customers who have participated in this program saying?

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